Beautiful music enriches our lives, opening our hearts and soothing our souls. Since 1853, Steinway has dedicated themselves to creating the finest pianos in the world that deliver this beautiful music to us.

Though there are many noble purposes among musical performance, the greatest form is worship. Music speaks to our hearts; Steinway unlocks them with the keys of worship.

From traditional to contemporary worship, small or large church settings - Steinway has a piano designed to fit right with your church. We invite you to sing His praises and let Steinway & Sons open your heart with worship.

A Treasured Legacy

God deserves all glory, honor and praise. With this notion in our hearts we worship as an offering we cannot put a price on. The piano serves as the most beautiful instrument to accompany us, Steinway proving to be the most treasured.

When your church makes a major purchase, its primary concern is always the best stewardship of its funds. That is why your church should consider buying a Steinway. A well maintained Steinway is an investment that appreciates in value over time. No other piano manufacturer can make this claim.

Enrich, inspire and touch lives with the music of a Steinway designed piano sounding within your worship setting of your church and connecting believers with their Creator.

This investment will invite praise and create beautiful worship, allowing God to get the credit He is due.

Steinway Artists


Without them, a Steinway piano is silent. But together, the artist and piano create music — such beautiful music that most professional pianists choose to perform only on Steinway pianos.

For decades Steinway & Sons has cultivated special relationships with pianists from every genre.

Steinway Model A

Pianos for Praise

Steinway & Sons introduces the Steinway Pianos for Praise Program created to assist all church denominations to acquire pianos for their worship services and music programs.

We know very well that churches have a great desire to enhance their worship services and music programs while being accompanied by the finest instruments possible.

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First Presbyterian Church

Tacoma, WA

"A Steinway piano has enhanced the worship at First Presbyterian Church in Tacoma for many years. It has the tonal presence necessary to fill our Sanctuary."

Dr. Daniel Perrin

Minister of Worship

Fifth Reform Church

Grand Rapids, MI

"The Steinway grand piano at our church offers a wonderful enhancement of our worship services. Whether on classical preludes, contemporary accompaniments or diverse hymn arrangements, the sound is rich and smooth, the action is pure and the intonation consistent."

Anne Tuuk

Our Savior Parish

Los Angeles, CA

"Steinway & Sons worked tirelessly to understand and address our piano needs. Their special program enabled us to effectively raise funds and purchase the perfect performance instrument for our chapel."

Music Director

Official Partner

Gospel Music Association Logo

"My concerts are for the purpose of bringing the audience closer to God through sacred music. It is only fitting that I attempt that on the finest instrument known to man."


"...Then and now, we find our greatest artistic pleasure in playing Steinway pianos."


"Steinway means to me perfection in every way."


"The brilliant, yet warm sound of my Steinway has been an inspiration to me through the years. As I play around the world, the Steinway is consistent in every way."


"At the age of 5 years, I always wanted a Steinway. So, the pursuit began, and for the past 40 years, I've enjoyed my 7' grand Steinway. It is the best!"


“... From an early age I was drawn to the richness of tone in the Steinway.”