Used Piano Buyers Guide

The Used Steinway Buyers Guide is designed to assist you in your journey in selecting a genuine used Steinway piano—from learning about how a Steinway is built and rebuilt, to what makes a Steinway a genuine Steinway and what factors to consider when shopping the used-Steinway market. We offer three types of pre-owned pianos.


Pre-Owned, vintage, and restored Steinway pianos are prized for their unique beauty and enduring value. However, for years, non-Steinway dealers and unauthorized piano rebuilders have created a great deal of confusion in the piano industry. Many piano rebuilders use inferior non-Steinway parts, seriously compromising an instrument’s performance and investment value. Buying a pre-owned piano directly from Steinway assures the highest quality instruments backed by the original builders.

If it doesn’t have 12,116 genuine Steinway parts, it isn’t a Steinway.

Steinway never sells its soundboards

The soundboard lies at the heart of a Steinway grand or upright piano, which is why Steinway & Sons takes great care in its design and in the selection of the wood used. The soundboard is a critical component in producing the inimitable “Steinway Sound”.

Steinway sells their soundboards to no one, since the skill, expertise and machinery necessary to replace a soundboard is only available at the Steinway factory. So if a used Steinway was restored somewhere other than the Steinway Restoration Center, it may still have the Steinway & Sons trademark logo on it, but if it doesn’t have a genuine Steinway soundboard, it has lost the internal magic that makes it a Steinway.


a legacy of Innovation

The very first Steinway & Sons patent was granted in 1857, and the company has been granted more than 125 additional patents since, positioning the Steinway as the piano by which all others are judged.

 This evolving innovation is recognized by concert halls throughout the world that cater to the most discriminating pianists. Quality, without compromise, is reflected with each new patent and design. A Steinway will last for many decades — but it is pianos younger than ten years old that are the choice of world’s best artists and most pretigious stages.

“Strive always to improve the instrument.”

Henry E. Steinway


When considering a pre-owned Steinway, it is essential to remember that a Steinway will only feature patents preceding the date of its completion. This means that a Steinway grand completed on March 5, 1923, will NOT include innovations or advancements as:

Tomorrow’s Piano Today

Our company’s latest innovation, the Steinway & Sons Spirio, is the world’s finest high resolution player piano. A masterpiece of craftsmanship, technology and artistry, Spirio provides an unrivaled musical experience, indistinguishable from a live performance.

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