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ChangYong Shin


Passionate, inspired performances and brilliant technique are the hallmark of pianist ChangYong Shin. He brings those qualities to meditative yet virtuosic works by Beethoven, Liszt and Chopin.


On July 5, 2019, the Steinway & Sons label releases a new album from ChangYong Shin, whose 2018 Steinway recording of Bach, Mozart, Haydn and Beethoven was named among the best releases of the year by WQXR. Shin is the winner of multiple competitions, including the 2018 Rencontre Internationale des Pianistes "Prix Zygmunt Zaleski,” the 2017 Seoul International Piano Competition, the 2016 Hilton Head International Piano Competition and the 2018 Gina Bachauer International Artist Piano Competition.

The album, titled Beethoven, Liszt, Chopin (STNS 30115), features works by all three composers performed with the brilliant technique that is a hallmark of ChangYong Shin. Beethoven’s Piano Sonata No. 30 in E major was written after the formidable Hammerklavier Sonata and provides a more intimate listening experience. The work is characterized by a decidedly original approach to the traditional sonata form, with a marked focus on different variations of the theme in the third movement. Franz Liszt’s Bénédiction de Dieu dans la solitude, which translates to “The Blessing of God in Solitude,” is a selection from his 1847 piano cycle, “Harmonies poétiques et religieuses” or “Poetic and Religious Harmonies.” This piece acts as a meditation on the blessings that can be found when one is alone with God. Three Waltzes from Chopin follow, providing a light, joyous riot of sound to round out the record.

“Shin completely connects with Liszt’s Bénédiction, unquestionably this disc’s high point. He unifies Liszt’s potentially sprawling opus with a fluid basic tempo for the outer sections that still manages to suggest spaciousness, while shaping the melodic line and undulating double-note accompanying patterns in gorgeously three-dimensional perspective.”


“A very strong recital that combines technical polish, gifts in phrasing and dynamic contrasts, and a musical understanding that reveals for the listener with transparency the voicing of different pieces. Shin has an excellent ear for the classical style.”

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About the Artist

Passionate, inspired performances and brilliant technique are the hallmark of pianist ChangYong Shin, First Prize winner of the 2018 Gina Bachauer International Artist Piano Competition, 2018 Rencontre Internationale des Pianistes "Prix Zygmunt Zaleski" in Paris, 2017 Seoul International Piano Competition and 2016 Hilton Head International Piano Competition. With performances in South Korea, Italy, France, the UK, across the United States and a growing reputation for compelling interpretations, Mr. Shin is developing an international career as a soloist and chamber musician.

A native of South Korea, ChangYong Shin began piano studies with Ms. Mari Kwon at the Yewon School, then studied with Choong-Mo Kang at the Korea National Institute for the Gifted in Arts. In 2011, he emigrated to the United States to study at the Curtis Institute of Music under Robert McDonald, where, as a recipient of a Paul G. Mechklin Scholarship, he received his Bachelor of Music in May 2016. In May 2018 Mr. Shin earned a Master of Music degree from the Juilliard School, where he was awarded a Jerome L. Greene scholarship. Currently, Mr. Shin is enrolled in Juilliard's Artist Diploma program under Robert McDonald.

About Steinway & Sons label

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