Rufus Wainwright, Regina Spektor, Jason Moran, Carter Burwell, Jeremy Denk New 2012 Steinway Artists

NEW YORK, NY (November 14, 2012) — As one of the oldest and most highly respected brands in music, Steinway & Sons has a long and storied history of partnering with many of the greatest musicians around the globe.  The legendary piano manufacturer is known for unparalleled quality and in 2012, more extraordinary talents joined the ever-expanding list of elite musicians who can officially claim the title of Steinway Artist.  The complete list of concert artists and ensembles across the world who bear the coveted Steinway Artist title can be found at and none are paid endorsers of the piano.  Each artist or ensemble personally owns a Steinway and has chosen to perform on a Steinway piano exclusively.  Steinway remains the choice of 9 out of 10 concert artists, and it is the preferred piano of countless musicians, professional and amateur, throughout the world.  While the number of Steinway Artists is certainly substantial, each one is carefully considered by evaluating their commitment to the brand and superior musical quality of composition and performance that has become synonymous with the Steinway name.

This year was particularly notable with many high profile classical, jazz and pop musicians joining the ranks of other esteemed Steinway Artists.  Among them are singer-songwriters Rufus Wainwright and Regina Spektor, jazz legend Jason Moran, film composer Carter Burwell and concert pianist Jeremy Denk.  Many offered a glimpse into their own personal history with the brand, including Wainwright, who recalled “I grew up playing my grandmother’s 100 year old Steinway. That instrument is still the spiritual center of our family’s musical legacy.”  Raised in a household of celebrated musicians, Wainwright has been referred to by Elton John as "the greatest songwriter on the planet" and praised by The New York Times for his “genuine originality.” Another pop singer-songwriter, Regina Spektor, built a grassroots following in New York City’s East Village with a singular ability to tell stories through piano with remarkable flair.  When chosen as a Steinway Artist, Spektor exclaimed “I am so excited to become a Steinway Artist — though I have played all my shows on Steinways for years — and loved the instruments and the people I’ve worked with — it is so nice to make it official!”  For Jason Moran, dubbed by Rolling Stone as “the most provocative thinker in current jazz,” the Steinway difference was a more recent epiphany.  The pianist and composer shared that his recent acquisition of a Steinway Model M “marks the first time I’ve owned a piano that I actually feel is inspiring to play.”

This eclectic mix of artists showcases the exceptional versatility of Steinway’s unequaled product, but the brand’s reach can be felt far beyond the obvious impact it has made in the commercial music market.  Composers like Carter Burwell have utilized the piano’s superior resonance to provide the subtle, but essential musical score for many blockbuster film releases.  Burwell’s compositions have been featured in many recent motion pictures such as Where The Wild Things Are, The Blind Side and even the record-breaking Twilight franchise, proving that the superior tonal quality of Steinway is contributing to 21st century entertainment in more ways than many realize.

However, the Steinway name will always be associated with its unmistakable sound on concert stages around the globe by revered pianists such as Jeremy Denk.  Denk has appeared as a soloist with orchestras including The Los Angeles Philharmonic, the Philadelphia Orchestra, and the symphony orchestras of Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, and London.  As he so eloquently illustrated in his own unique way, “A piano is the way a pianist speaks to the world — and so you need to feel you have an ally, a friend that supports you and that allows your thoughts to become sound. Steinway is it for me. It’s the only piano that has this kind of centered sound that I can mold in interesting and expressive ways. It’s the only brand I feel comfortable playing on.”

It is with great pride that the exemplary Steinway Artists of 2012 are accepted into the elite ranks of the many spectacular talents who came before.  There is no doubt that these musicians will continue to inspire the next generation of pianists to pursue excellence in partnership with a brand that is synonymous the world over for a timeless love of great piano music.

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