Limited Edition

2004 Steinway Model L

serial#: 567620

The Model L made its entrance to Steinway’s offering of pianos in 1923 with a redesigned case, cast-iron plate, and scale as compared to the Model O. Like its predecessor in size, the Living Room grand gained popularity not only for use in the home and smaller recital spaces, but also as a practice instrument in music conservatories and schools.  Production of the Model L ceased in 2005 with the reintroduction of the Steinway Model O.

In pristine condition, this grand is a rare Limited Edition remake of early Steinway cabinetry. It features a stunning African Cherry case and ornate lyre carving on the music desk. This is a true Steinway original — the solid cast-iron plate has been signed by the late Henry Z. Steinway himself.


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Certified Pre-Owned

Get the peace of mind from knowing your used Steinway is a true Steinway. Available for Steinway & Sons grand pianos 30 years or younger, the Steinway Certified Pre-Owned program can be found at select Steinway retail locations. Each CPO instrument includes a 74-point checklist to ensure authenticity, condition and performance. Any repair or replacement to a CPO instrument is done with 100% genuine Steinway parts. All CPO instruments come with a signed inspection report with matching serial number, a Steinway Certified Pre-Owned warranty certificate with matching serial number and a Steinway Certified Pre-Owned rim stamp on the piano itself. Steinway CPO pianos come with a three-year limited warranty.

When you purchase any Certified Pre-owned Steinway, you have the option within five years of the date of purchase to receive 100% of the original purchase price in trade toward a new Steinway grand. That is The Steinway Promise.

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