2006 Steinway Grand M

serial#: 571553

Introduced in 1911, the popular Model M was for many years the smallest Steinway grand piano in production. Today, at just over 5’ 6” in length, the Model M continues to embody the immutable tone and hand-crafted quality found only in Steinways, but in a size that smaller rooms can accommodate. 

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Certified Pre-Owned

Get the peace of mind from knowing your used Steinway is a true Steinway. Available for Steinway grands pianos 30 years or younger, the Steinway Certified Pre-Owned program can be found at select Steinway retail locations. Each CPO instrument includes a 74-point checklist to ensure authenticity, condition and performance. Any repair or replacement to a CPO instrument is done with 100% genuine Steinway parts. All CPO instruments come with a signed inspection report with matching serial number, a Steinway Certified Pre-Owned warranty certificate with matching serial number, and a Steinway Certified Pre-Owned rim stamp on the piano itself. Steinway Certified Pre-Owned instruments come with a three-year limited warranty.

When you purchase any Certified Pre-owned Steinway, you have the option within five years of the date of purchase to receive 100% of the original purchase price in trade toward a new Steinway grand. That is The Steinway Promise.

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