Pre-Owned and Restored Steinway & Sons pianos are prized for their unique beauty and enduring value. We guarantee that each of our Pre-Owned instruments is comprised solely of Steinway parts ensuring its performance and investment value.

The guaranteed Pre-Owned Steinways below are available for purchase:


Learn the distinguishing characteristics of Pre-Owned, Heriloom and Certified Pre-Owned Steinways below:

The Steinway soundboard

The patented Steinway Diaphragmatic Soundboard, heart and soul of the Steinway, converts the vibration of the piano strings into audible tones. The greatest thickness is in the middle, from which point there is continual tapering in all directions toward the outer edges. This design reduces the energy needed by the soundboard to vibrate, an efficiency that permits a greater variance of tone, color, and richness.

“If it doesn’t have 12,116 genuine Steinway parts, it isn’t a Steinway.”

Steinway soundboards are made of the highest-grade close-grained, quarter-sawn Sitka spruce from British Columbia and Alaska. Sitka spruce is chosen for its superb acoustic qualities and is hand-selected to be free from defects, which allows it to transmit and amplify sound better than lesser wood. Individual pieces are matched to produce soundboards of uniform color and tonal quality.

Steinway doesn’t sell its soundboard à la carte; it only comes as part of a true Steinway, which is why it is imperative that any pre-owned Steinway be purchased solely from an authorized Steinway dealer.   

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