Steinway Owners' Magazine

As of 2014, the Steinway Owners' Magazine has merged with Listen: Life with Music and Culture. Instead of being published twice a year, this is a quarterly magazine focusing on music and culture topics relevant to any lover of piano music – or music in general. To learn more and subscribe to the magazine, visit

Below are back-issues of the Steinway Owners' Magazine. The final issue of this version of the magazine that was published is the Winter 2013/2014 issue immediately below.

Steinway & Sons Owners' Magazine Issue Two 2012

Winter 2013/14

Highlights from this Issue:
Steinway at 160 - The story of Steinway
My First Steinway - Four leading pianists recall those special moments - encountering their first significant Steinways
Design as Choreography - The making of a new limited edition, the Arabesque
Steinway Artists - Rufus Wainwright, Carter Burwell, Cy Coleman, Mitsuko Uchida, and David Greilsammer come under the spotlight
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Steinway & Sons Owners' Magazine Issue One 2013

Issue One 2013

Highlights from this Issue:
Steinway news - New Steinway Artists, Lin records Broadway classics, Steinway employee celebrates 50 years, Lang Lang at 30
Hidden Britten - Turning the spotlight on Benjamin Britten as pianist and his sparse and largely overlooked piano compositions
Competitive edge - Prize winners from different generations recall their competition experiences and the effect they had on their careers as professional pianists
Troubled waters - Hurricane damage, leaking pipes or just too much humidity – what can you do when moisture gets a grip on your prized piano?
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Steinway & Sons Owners' Magazine Issue Two 2012

Issue Two 2012

Highlights from this Issue:
Steinway news - Astanova makes Carnegie Hall debut, two firsts for Steinway Hall and Gyorgy kicks off Euro 2012
States expectations - A bicentenary tale of Charles Dickens, his American tours and the Steinway & Sons connection
Leeds by example - How a teacher from Yorkshire put her home town on the international piano competition map
Holiest of holeys - A centenary tribute to composer Conlon Nancarrow, pioneer of the Pianola and revolutionary in every sense
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Steinway & Sons Owners' Magazine Issue One 2012

Issue One 2012

Highlights from this Issue:
Steinway news - Anderson & Roe release on Steinway label, honours for Fleisher and Barenboim and Hautzig’s 90th birthday
Foreword movements - Two composers with very different reputations but a shared passion for innovation are celebrated in 2012
The sounds of silence - How John Cage’s 4’33” and other controversial pieces forced the music world to rethink its rules
The legend of Arthur - Arthur Rubinstein’s life and career is an inspirational story
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