Steinway Pianos and the Artists that Love Them

Steinway Artist Feature articles are regularly published stories about Steinway Artists from all genres of music who have one very important thing in common – a love of Steinway pianos. These articles feature original content that you will only find on the Steinway & Sons website.

The love of our pianos and their musical craft comes through in these intimate profiles of great pianists who put their music and their craft above all else.

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Seeing the Music. Carter Burwell Brings Music to the Big Screen
Like almost every project Carter Burwell has composed, the Olive Kitteridge score began in a very specific place: at the keyboard. “Oh, yes,” he said, “the piano. It always begins at the piano...” More »
The 5 Browns Celebrate Fall with New Album plus Carnegie Debut
When sibling sensations The 5 Browns perform, the physical spectacle is already arresting. Picture it: five Steinway concert grand pianos, five strikingly charismatic performers, five distinct... More »
National Treasures. Judy Collins and the Steinways She Has Loved
Judy Collins, one of the most beloved musical artists of the 20th century, is sitting at the piano in her Upper West Side apartment in New York City, where she has lived for more than 43 years. The piano is... More »
Jeremy Denk Talks with His Hands
In his razor-sharp, funny and unexpectedly poignant blog Think Denk, pianist Jeremy Denk recounts a fuzzy-headed late-night meeting in a Brooklyn bar. While struggling through a faltering conversation with... More »
Billy Joel. The Piano Man Celebrates Love.
Good news: On January 22, just in time for Valentine’s Day, Columbia Records and Legacy Recordings will release She’s Got A Way: Love Songs, by Steinway Artist Billy Joel. The album is a new collection of... More »
Rufus Wainwright Throws a Party with “Christmas 101”
Remember the scene in A Charlie Brown Christmas when Linus reminds Charlie Brown about love, goodwill, peace and hope? “That’s what Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown,” Linus says simply. It seems Steinway... More »
Jenny Lin Finds Happiness in a Hybrid Sound
She’s a study in contrasts: slight of build yet, when seated at the piano, as powerful as a freight train; serious in her craft yet exultant in her performance; ethereally beautiful yet as approachable as... More »
Lang Lang Reflects on the Journey
In his autobiography Journey of a Thousand Miles, Lang Lang recounts a jaw-droppingly rigorous childhood quest—driven by his perfectionist father—for the young musician to become the best pianist in the world... More »
Night Owl Adam Young Takes Flight
It’s the kind of success story many young artists dream of: a shy insomniac, lugging boxes and loading trucks by day, then whittling away the long nights making music in the basement of his parents’ home... More »
Jason Moran. Quite Possibly the Busiest Man in Jazz.
Jason Moran is a busy man. The Manhattan-based jazz pianist and composer—dubbed by Rolling Stone Magazine as “the most provocative thinker in current jazz” and named a MacArthur Fellow in 2010— is also the... More »