K-12 School Sales and Service

Whether your school is a private day or boarding institution or is part of a public school district, we have a program to assist you. We serve the needs of all K-12 schools, ensuring that they provide their students, faculty, visiting musicians, and the community with pianos that are designed by Steinway & Sons. We offer Steinway & Sons, Boston, and Essex institutional pianos to meet all requirements and all budgets.

By providing the best instruments possible, schools demonstrate their commitment to excellence in music education at every level as well as a true investment in the finest equipment. Nowhere is this more evident than among our valued "All-Steinway Schools," which strive to deliver an unparalleled educational experience to their students. The rich sound, incomparable tone, and fine touch of a Steinway piano inspire students to realize their artistic talents.

Steinway & Sons is devoted to partnering with you and your school to help you acquire, manage, and maintain the best instruments the world has to offer. Our K-12 Sales department has developed unique and customized resources for managing your piano inventory, which include these programs:

  • The Inventory Analysis Program — the foundation for making a roadmap for the future of your piano inventory.
  • The Keys to Sound Success Fundraising Guide — designed for donor cultivation and finding funds to acquire Steinway designed pianos.
  • The Steinway Lease-To-Own Program — which allows you to take immediate delivery of all the pianos you require.
  • The Guidelines for Institutional Technical Service — to aid in planning for technical service and maintenance.
  • The Institutional Technicians Seminars — continuing education for the proper maintenance of the school’s inventory.
  • The Steinway Selection Rooms — where concert instruments are chosen for venues throughout the United States.