Impressive Survey Affirms Tangible Benefits Of All-Steinway School Program

As seen in the Winter/Spring 2014 edition of the Steinway Chronicle.

A new poll finds 100 academic leaders from All-Steinway Schools throughout the United States unanimously agree that being an All-Steinway School provides their students with the finest instruments possible, while also meeting high expectations of their piano faculty members.

Participants united in reporting improved performance levels and enhanced abilities of their students to do better in competitions as a result of attending an All-Steinway School. Not only were students happier after the pianos arrived, but the relationship with Steinway & Sons contributed to a more positive image for the institution, they said.

In the spring of 2013, Steinway & Sons conducted an anonymous, online survey of deans, directors, department chairs and professors working daily in an All-Steinway environment on their campuses. Fifty-five percent held All-Steinway status for at least five years — 62 percent comprised public entities and 38 percent were private institutions. Measuring the impact on recruiting, 96 percent said they had more requests for enrollment, and 94 percent said it helped to draw higher quality students. Likewise, the majority — 84 to 87 percent — revealed that having an All- Steinway reputation assists with attracting new faculty, more international students and students of other music disciplines that are not specifically piano majors.

From a financial standpoint, 95 percent agree the program has proven to contribute appreciating assets to their facilities as the value of the pianos increases over time.

Here is a sampling of comments from participants asked: What’s the best thing about being an All-Steinway School?

  • “Becoming an All-Steinway School was one of the best and smartest investments for our university.”
  • “Status and prestige are nice, but ultimately, being able to say we havethe best pianos around is wonderful.”
  • “Students and faculty have access tothe best quality instruments in achieving their maximum technical and artistic qualities.”
  • “Being an All-Steinway-School attracts more students of a higher level from the United States and abroad to study at our university.”

“Many outstanding institutions realize that the All-Steinway School program presents multiple advantages to students, faculty members and the communities they serve. Now, we are proud to share empirical evidence with the rest of the world of what we have known all along,” said Ron Losby, Steinway & Sons President –Americas.

“We heard from an across-the-board, representative group of highly respected individuals with different perspectives,” offered Sally Coveleskie, National Director of Higher Education Sales at Steinway & Sons in New York City. “I personally want to thank all the people who took time from their busy schedules to respond to this survey. The All-Steinway Schools have spoken in no uncertain terms, and we are delighted that this growing collective gains so many substantial benefits from their affiliation with Steinway & Sons.”

More than 160 institutions of distinction stretching across five continents now display the All-Steinway School symbol as a firm commitment to excellence.

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