Crafted in tribute to the 100th anniversary of the birth of Steinway Artist George Gershwin, this art case piano celebrates the creation of George Gershwin's first classical symphonic work, "Rhapsody in Blue, " and its premiere performance in New York City in 1924. The piano features maple veneer dyed in brilliant midnight blue, as well as over 400 mother-of-pearl stars that have been hand cut into the piano and inlaid in random fashion. The plate is gilded in silver, evoking the sophistication and style of the 1920s, and reflects the glamorous and elegant American art deco furniture style of that time. The silver plate gives the impression that the piano is emanating light when the lid is opened. "Rhapsody's" music desk is a hand-carved silhouette of New York's skyline.

 "Rhapsody" was offered in a limited edition of twenty-four Steinway Model D (concert grand) and Steinway Model B handcrafted instruments.