The Steinway Technical Academy

Steinway Piano Technical Training

The Steinway Technical Academy is a series of seminars for experienced piano technicians who wish to upgrade their skills and receive training specific to the servicing of STEINWAY, SPIRIO, Boston, and Essex pianos. The Academy is hosted at the historic STEINWAY & SONS factory in New York City.

Seminar topics

Regulation and Touch

Hands-on technical work on the piano and detailed tours of the factory. This seminar focuses on the service aspects that affect touch and control and will cover voicing if time permits.

Voicing and Tone Production

Guided work with unprepared hammers to develop tone and dynamics. This seminar is a concentrated approach to voicing, incorporating in-depth work with observation of specific factory procedures.

Damper Installation

An opportunity to build the entire damper system. Each student receives a grand piano with only the damper underlever assembly. Damper heads, felts, and tray pivot blocks will be installed followed by regulation and troubleshooting of the finished damper components.


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