“My fingers occasionally cringe at the mere sight of any piano brand other than Steinway- my one and only love!”

Sean Mason

Sean Mason, renowned for his innovative approach and versatile musical expression, has established himself as a prominent figure in jazz. As the leader of the Sean Mason Quartet, he is celebrated for his original compositions that meld the intricacies of jazz with diverse musical elements, showcasing a remarkable breadth of style. His debut album, “The Southern Suite,” highlights his exceptional skill as both a jazz pianist and a composer with a wide-ranging musical vision. While deeply rooted in the jazz tradition, Mason’s work transcends genre limitations, appealing to a diverse audience with its rich blend of cultural and musical influences. Sean’s artistry is a testament to his ability to navigate and integrate various musical landscapes, making him not just a jazz musician but a versatile artist of the contemporary music scene. His commitment to exploring and redefining musical boundaries ensures his lasting impact and influence across the spectrum of modern music.

Sean Mason is a Steinway Artist.

Sean Mason is a Steinway Artist.

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