“The reason I chose a Steinway in particular, is because I wanted to have an instrument of the highest caliber so that I could explore new vistas of color and expression in my music. I wanted to be able to do anything I wanted with the piano, and Steinway has made this possible. The Steinway piano is simply a remarkable instrument. What it is capable of is really only rivaled by the potentialities of the human imagination. In my time, I've heard many Steinways. I've heard them whisper, I've heard them cry, I've heard them in love, I've heard them in anger, I've heard them playful, I've heard them desperate, I've heard them charming, I've heard them laugh, and I've heard them sing. It is this versatility, the ability, like an actor, to take on and accommodate any kaleidoscope of the sounds suggested, and the ability to evoke peculiar emotions, to create drama, that makes a Steinway piano so special, and so unlike anything else. I can only consider myself incredibly fortunate to have the privilege, as well as the awesome responsibiltiy, of having such a remarkable work of craftsmanship.”

Terence Yung

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