Steinway Unveils New Selection Room Suite, Honors Beloved Technician

As seen in the Fall 2012 edition of the Steinway Chronicle.

NEW YORK — When Stuart Isacoff, author of “A Natural History of The Piano,” asked pianist Menahem Pressler about the Steinway in his teaching studio at Indiana University, Mr. Pressler had this to say:

“The other night I was playing the Schubert B-flat Sonata on it, and the piano was like a living soul. This was at the end of the day, and I was very tired. And yet I was reminded of what a happy man I am playing on such a piano. You become elated, invigorated, and inspired . . . all through something built by a factory. It tells me that there is more to life than we can see.”

His words were likely the result of one of the more than 1000 selections presided over by Dirk Dickten, a beloved master technician at Steinway & Sons for more than 25 years who passed away in August at the age of 53. In his honor, Steinway & Sons has named the new factory selection room suite The Dirk Dickten Selection Room.

Dirk understood that selecting a new Steinway is often the result of a life-long dream for a private pianist and, for an institution, usually the culmination of dedicated efforts involving a host of individuals coming together for the greater good of students, faculty and performing artists. Current Steinway Selection Room technicians also know that choosing a new Steinway is a delicate and passionate process, subject to individual taste in touch and tone. It is an exhilarating practice that requires patience, sensitivity and the most astute ears in the world.

Building on great chemistry within the existing facilities, The Dirk Dickten Selection Room is equipped with refined acoustics and warm architectural lighting to help meet the highest standards of the most discriminating client.

Prior to arriving at the selection room, the Steinway factory tour becomes an integral part of choosing a new Model B or D. Meeting the men and women who have handcrafted one’s personal Steinway has a profound effect on the overall experience when one chooses the piano that will be their companion for the rest of their life. When a patron decides to donate a new Steinway to an institution, touring the factory and visiting the selection room serves to enhance the true value of their gift.

The Steinway Factory Selection Room experience is something that will create the memory of a lifetime.

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