Steinway Releases Special Piano to Celebrate Boston’s 25th Anniversary

ASTORIA, NY (July 10, 2017) – Steinway & Sons announces the release of a new limited-edition piano to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Steinway-Designed Boston line. These 125 unique “Silver Anniversary” grand pianos feature handsome additions and enhancements that showcase the sterling character of the Boston.

Designed by Steinway & Sons and employing the unique patents and expertise for which Steinway is renowned, Boston grand and upright pianos provide a superior playing experience at a price level never before thought possible. The line was introduced in 1992 for those who want to join the Steinway Owner Family but cannot afford to buy a new Steinway. In 2009, a piano that already had received many accolades was made even better with the introduction of the Boston Performance Edition. With that introduction, every Boston now includes a Steinway-inspired maple inner rim and the Steinway-patented Octagrip pinblock. For 2017, the line was upgraded even further with the introduction of the new Boston Performance Edition II, which features a beautiful rare wood veneer on the inside rim (on Ebony finish grands), a stunning rose-gold colored plate, and black felts for the plate, under the fallboard, and around the pedals. A rescaled bass and treble wire lower string tension to provide increased sustain, better tone clarity, and a deeper, clearer bass. Reaction to the quality, sound and overall performance of today’s Boston piano has been overwhelmingly positive from owners, piano teachers, institutions, technicians, and professional pianists.

Now, with the introduction of the Boston Piano 25th Anniversary Limited Edition, the Boston’s quarter-century legacy of innovation is commemorated. The 5' 10" Boston GP-178 Performance Edition II 25th Anniversary Limited Edition piano is a perfect parlor grand. With silver-toned plate casing and nickel-plated hardware—including agraffes, pedals, hinges, and casters—the Boston 25th offers sterling style and cool, crisp detailing. A unique numbered medallion is featured on each piano.

“The Boston line of pianos is beloved by performing artists, teachers, and students around the world,” said John Patton, President of Steinway’s Boston Operations. “The anniversary Boston limited edition offers an opportunity to be a part of history in the making. Boston is poised to continue its legacy of innovation and its pedigree as a Steinway-Designed heirloom for many years. As we celebrate this unique piano’s first quarter-century, we also look forward to the next twenty-five years.”

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