Steinway the “unanimous choice” of
Faculty at Illinois Wesleyan University

LOOMINGTON, IL – Cyril Frevert so cherished his education at Illinois Wesleyan University that he wished for students to maximize their experience with nothing less than world-class pianos. After graduating in 1961, he went on to earn a master’s degree at Northwestern University and enjoyed a rewarding career as a teacher and church organist. Mr. Frevert passed away two years ago in Florida at the age of 79.

Founded in 1850, Illinois Wesleyan University is exclusive to undergraduates and offers more than 80 majors, minor and programs.
Dr. Ilia Radoslavov (right), a native of Bulgaria heads the keyboard department.
Susan Lutz (Steinway Piano Gallery St. Louis) recognizes Master Piano Technician David Horine for 40 years of outstanding service.

Part of a $3.5 million gift from the C.B. Frevert Family Trust enabled the school to purchase 35 new instruments, maintain an upgraded fleet of 75 pianos, and provide scholarships for deserving students in the School of Music. Illinois Wesleyan officially joined the ranks of more than 200 global All-Steinway Schools during a special ceremony on the Bloomington campus in October, 2019.

“The investment to become an All-Steinway School, made possible by C.B. Frevert’s generous gift, provides an unparalleled experience for our students, faculty, and staff,” says Dr. Franklin Larey, professor and director of the School of Music. “Current and future students have a coveted opportunity to learn on the very best instruments possible for the study of music. As an All-Steinway School, we are excited about the opportunity to promote Illinois Wesleyan’s distinction for musical excellence for generations to come.”

“The pianos coming out of the factory today are the best they have ever been.”

Master piano technician and alumnus David Horine notes that aging instruments were replaced throughout concert halls, studios, and practice rooms. “It was necessary for us to pick the most durable, reliable, best sounding, and best-performing pianos. Steinway & Sons pianos have proven far superior to any other brand, and they were the unanimous choice among our faculty.”

Horine has been servicing Steinway pianos for more than 40 years. “The pianos coming out of the factory today are the best they have ever been,” he adds. “We are beyond delighted to have selected Steinway pianos for Illinois Wesleyan.”

A private liberal arts university, Illinois Wesleyan opened its doors in 1850 – three years before Steinway & Sons began operations in New York – and has supported a growing performing arts program that began in 1863. “They have consistently invested in excellent equipment for the instruction of music with more than half their inventory consisting of handcrafted Steinway pianos,” explains Susan Lutz, institutional sales representative with Steinway Piano Gallery St. Louis. “Today, I am thrilled to help them usher in this exciting new era of distinction as an All-Steinway School.”

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