1937 Steinway Grand M

serial#: 288121

This stunning heirloom grand is a Traditional Model M. Introduced in 1911, the popular Model M was for many years the smallest Steinway & Sons grand in production. Today at just over five and a half feet in length, the Model M continues to embody the immutable tone and hand-crafted quality found only in a Steinway but in a size that smaller rooms can accommodate.

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Steinway Heirloom Collection

A Steinway of uncommon character that plays like new, the Steinway Heirloom Collection was created to distinguish the finest vintage Steinway pianos in the world — rebuilt, Steinway Factory–Restored and hand-painted to look and play like new. Unlike pianos you may find elsewhere, the rebuilt Steinway Factory–Restored quality and authenticity of these instruments are 100%–certified by Steinway & Sons. Each Steinway Heirloom piano is a handcrafted work of art, expressing the unique design elements and personality of the historic era in which it was created.

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