February Spotlight


Spirio Lunar New Year, a Classical Star from Easter Island, Fleetwood Mac & Friends, and a Valentine soundtrack.

It is the year of the Dragon, and our Spirio playlists have been updated to celebrate the Lunar New Year this month. There are Classical standards like “Jasmine Flower”, and many popular tunes such as “Tong Hua”. This is music that can be appreciated by all audiences.

This month we are also privileged to present the Spirio debut of Mahani Teave, the award-winning and pioneering pianist and humanitarian from Easter Island. An exceptional artist, she tours internationally, but is deeply committed to the education of young musicians on the Island. She performs music of Chopin, Liszt and Rachmaninov as well as original works of Rapa Nui including a SpirioSync video.

Mahani Teave
Spirio Romance

And there are new tracks in our Spirio Jukebox format in a featured playlist called Fleetwood Mac & Friends. Including classics like “Over My Head” and “Songbird”, these arrangements are easy to sing along with.

And finally, Valentine’s day approaches. Love’s world of emotions has inspired countless composers and thousands of songs. This month our updated playlists include A Classical Valentine and Spirio Romance.

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