April Spotlight


Springtime on Spirio, Top 50 Classical Tracks, Paul Lewis plays Schubert, and Music that’s been missing.

Each month the Spirio catalog continues to grow, although you may have noticed that sometimes we have to remove some tracks. We don’t always get to keep performances forever, but this month we are very pleased to bring back lots of music that’s been missing.  If you’ve been looking for the odd Nirvana or John Denver tune (or many others), have a look and listen. From this group we’ve added Contemporary Pop and Fresh Folk Music playlists, and you’ll also find Joe Hisaishi’s Spring – just in time for the season.

And speaking of springtime, we’re highlighting some favorite playlists that celebrate the season. Spring on Spirio and Spring vibrations are colorful collections of classical music that should set the mood. Our Music for Spring playlist includes many tunes that are specifically written for the theme.


Music for Springtime

Spring on Spirio

Welcome Back

Contemporary Pop & Fresh Folk

Top 50 Classical

Listener Favorites

We have been privileged to present the great British pianist Paul Lewis in recent Spiriocasts that display his consummate musicianship and his profound insight into the piano works of Franz Schubert. This month’s SpirioSync video features him performing the first movement of the wondrous B major Sonata, D 575 recorded at The Greene Space in New York City.

Last month we assembled the Top 50 Jazz tracks on Spirio and this month we thought you may like to hear what some of the most popular Classical tracks are for Spirio listeners. Our Top 50 Classical playlist is a great place to start listening to Spirio favorites.


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