June 2024


Pink Piano Pop, The Complete Scott Joplin,
Moonlight Classics and Smooth Jazz

The Song of the Year at this year’s Grammy Awards, as well as the Best Original Song at the Oscars is a tune by Billie Eilish called, “What was I made for?”. Written for last summer’s hit feature film “Barbie,” it is the inspiration for our latest playlist that kicks off the summer season: Pink Piano Pop. It’s music that adapts nicely for solo piano, and we have combined it with more new tracks by Eilish’s compatriots: Miley Cyrus, Olivia Rodrigo, Rihanna, Lana del Rey and others.

King of Ragtime

Scott Joplin

Moonlight Classics

for peaceful summer evenings

Smooth Jazz

Benoit and friends

And this month we complete the full cycle of works by the King of Ragtime, Scott Joplin performed by Simon Mulligan.  These piano works, filled with memorable melodies and syncopated rhythms are the heart of an entirely unique genre of music. Everyone knows favorites like the Maple Leaf Rag and The Entertainer and will also surely enjoy tunes like Stoptime Rag and Heliotrope Bouquet in our 3rd and final volume.

If you’re settling into a more relaxed season, you may find our new playlists for lighter listening to be just right. Our Smooth Jazz playlist features a pioneer of the genre, David Benoit along with other notable Spirio artists. Our Moonlight Classics set includes some very familiar classical melodies but also should set the mood for peaceful summer evenings.


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